I started creating this drawing after I saw Die Toten Hosen live for the first time in a rock festival in 1996; it was an amazing experience that I will never forget!!! Since then until now I saw the band in a number of concerts in different locations (From Europe to South America, from Buenos Aires to Köln) and I got always impressed by the unique chemistry between the band and its public. In 2012, after watching the video of the song Tage wie diese (single from the multi awarded album Ballast der republick) I decided to update the drawing because of the 30th birthday of the band and the 50th birthday of the singer and got lots of online feedback from fans worldwide thanks to Facebook fan pages. Once the drawing was completed I uploaded it obtaining a massive success of likes, shares, tags and more feedback (All from varied places as Argentina, Poland and, Brazil, Japan and of course, Germany). About the update, it partly consisted in adding the confetti and the serpentines that characterized the tour "Der Krach der Republik", the most successful in German history so far with more than 1 million attendees... From 1996 I knew the guys had talent! ;)


I think the band and the tour are for ever part of the German culture and besides the fact that the drawing was started time ago as simple fan art I thought that there is value in showing it to the public in IllustrativeBerlin 2015 :) And it was shown! :) (In a side expo dedicated to fan art inside Illustrative Berlin).Now I dream about painting this drawing in a big wall somewhere in Argentina or Germany.